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Anglo American Lightning Organisation

Returning to Flight English Electric Lightning XS422

Roll of Honour

In November 2013, for the first time, post restoration and rebuild, the engineering team, under Phil Wallis, ran N422XS' engines. While this was achieved by the engineering team, past and present, many other people and companies have been involved along the way and without whom the engineering team would not have triumphed. Our Project Champion, Andrew Brodie, and the entire AALO family thank them.

Our goal is to see XS422 in the skies once more and until we get there we've always room for assistance.

Our team members, sponsors, supporters and patrons . . .

The Restoration Team past and present

Project Founder - Andrew Brodie - World renown classic car restorer

Chief Engineer - Phil Wallis - Rtd. Royal Air Force (RAF) Engineer with over 30yrs concurrent Lightning experience. Current Serco Defence, Science & Technology

Ejection Seat Specialist - Max Waldron - Rtd RAF. Current BAE Systems

US A&P FAA Certified Inspector- Jon Roth - Current CEO, Vintage Aircraft Restoration Co.

US Project Consultant Manager - Bob Simms - Rtd Lockheed Martin US

Consultant Pilot - Craig Penrice - Current BAE Systems

Airframe Systems Team

Dave Tylee - Current Virgin Airways

Milton Roach - Mechanical Systems Specialist

Ken Walker - Rtd RAF, Current Quinetc ETPS Rotary Wing

Dave Cruddas - Active duty RAF

Dave Henry - Rtd RAF, Current BAe Systems

Paul Oughton - Rtd RAF. Current BAE Systems

Graham Tagg

Propulsion Systems Team

Lead; Dave Yates - Rtd RAF, Air Systems Specialist

Andrew 'Scoobie' Dobbie

Jason Skinner - Active duty RAF, Rolls Royce Avon Series Engine Specialist

Geoff Commins - Rtd RAF & ex BAE Systems

Avionic and Electrical Systems Team

Andy Middleton - Current Serco Defence, Science & Technology, 39 Sqdn

Gary Hurst - Active duty RAF

Bo Brocklesby - Active duty RAF

John Sherry - Active duty RAF

Simon Johnson - Rtd RAF

Rod Barker - ex BAE Systems & Met Office Scientist

Dave Dunn - Active Duty RAF & BAE Systems

John Watson - Electronics Specialist

Nick Woodhouse - Electronics Specialist

Additional Team

Mike Shallbetter

John Wigney

Mike Crawford

Glen Turner

Volunteer Team past and present

Bob Simms, Charles Scott, Bill Norman, Nic Holman, Phil Kingsbury, Clive Richardson, Bob Newton, Rolly Hendry, Dave & Lesley Blisset, Ray Whitely, Les Overton, Roger Winkworth, Rebecca Skinner, Irene Commins, Eileen Henry, Carey Mavor jr, Tom Bonsor, Sky Powers, Tom Borderlon.

Stennis Airport past and present

Bill Cotter, Kevin, Chet, Cheryl Coogan, and the entire Stennis team, including the Stennis FD.

Platinum Supporters Group Members

These saintly souls have made continued major financial donations to the project and are thus considered and honoured Platinum Membership of the Supporters Group.

John Horrod (Significant Donations, both financial and of items for fundraising), Nick Jeffrey (Consistant donations to the project for ongoing activities), Graham Bird (2 major donations including the funding of the Nov 04 spares shipment to the USA, as well as print support for Oshkosh Air Venture and other assistance) Richard Herman (Financial donation along with several signed copies of his book The Trojan Sea), Lesue Carey (adopted the Reheat Dolly), Peter Olden (A number of significant donations of collectable aircraft models to the SG for fundraising), William Ward (Restoration donation), Mike Hobbs (Restoration donation), Jeffrey Krasner (Restoration donation), Mark Athon (Restoration donation).

Oshkosh 2010 Sponsors

The following companies and individuals all assisted us in one way or another and without them we would not have been able to attend Airventure in 2010.

Stennis International Airport - Donation

Bill Traiy - Action Press Ltd - Printing of Business Cards for the show donated

Graham Bird - Printing of Flyers for the show and delivery to Oshkosh donated

Tom & Jean Kelly - Welcoming the team into their home in Oshkosh for the duration of the show
Jim Massie - Loan of a vehicle to the team for the duration of the show
Nick Jeffrey - donation
Carey Mavor Jr - donation
BAe Group Communications - donation of images from historic collection & permission to use
Ian Black - donation of photographic images
Gary Shepard - donation of photographic images

Special friends of the Project across the world who have gone to infinity and beyond ..

Bill Gibson - Formally owner of Gulport Thrifty Franchise - Bill has long been a friend of the project and personal friend of many of the team members. He's working hard in Florida these days but his accommodation of our car hire needs was a huge asset to the project in past years.

Sherry Tavel - Most recent manager of Gulport Thrifty Franchise - Sherry originally worked with Bill then took over and has been a fantastic friend to all of us, as well as making sure we've had wheels for the past 5 years.

Jim Paulus - Aircraft Packaging Ltd @ Stennis - Jim has been a friend of the project and of great support, almost since our arrival at Stennis and in addition to the loan of tools from spanners to forklifts and being our timber supplier of choice, Jim is currently donating us a home for our spares container. A true gent.

Wendy Bell - Taylor Aviation and now Lakefront - A brilliant friend to the project in the US, both socially and with her vast contacts book too.

BJ Perret - Blackhawk Foundation

UK, USA & International Companies that have donated goods and services past and present, with more to follow ..

Lazy Magnolia Brewery - A stunning little micro brewery doing big things - Owners, Mark & Lesley Henderson are great friends of the restoration and have provided the team accommodation and support on our visits to Stennis, where they are just over the road from XS422. Having started very 'micro' they have expanded fast and rightly so. Their stunning beers are increasing to be found across the southern United States. To the team's great happiness "Southern Pecan" is available in most of our watering holes. Not yet available in the UK but if you are travelling in Mississippi, Louisianna or Alabama then be sure to give it a try.

Vintage Aeroplane Europe - Stearman restoration & sales - Owner, Jon Roth is one of the founder members of AALO but also a major financial contributer to the project. His continued sponsorship of our hangar rental ensures we have a home for our restoration. Additionally Jon has made other financial donations.

Jet Art Aviation Ltd - Static Display Aircraft - Aircraft Parts - Ejection Seats - Collectables - Restoration - Owner, Chris Wilson assisted our restoration hugely by allowing us access to a Lightning cockpit in his ownership which Rod & Geoff were able to 'harvest' for many of the serviceable instruments on our wish list. Visit Chris' website by clicking on his logo to see some of the great work he and his team get up to.

Euro Asia Maritime Agencies Ltd - International Shipping Company - MD Roger Winkworth and his company continue to be a great friend and key supporter of the restoration through storage of our spare engines in the UK, assistance with the freighting of all spares and main structure to the United States since the inception of the project, and continueing sponsorship of a number of engineers for US trips.

Phil Kingsbury - Aviation Artist - Donation of images and artwork for sale to raise funds for the restoration. Phil's very popular images have been snapped up at the various air shows the SG attends and are a very affordable way to aquire some aviation art. Several of Phil's images will shortly be available on the 'shop' page as A4 digital prints.

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